It’s Your Life; Why Aren’t You Living It?

DeBorah Beatty

This "been there, done that" start over specialist can help find focus in business, relationships, and personal growth. A third-generation entrepreneur, her business advice is so far outside the box, it got put away a long time ago.

As a speaker, she's funny, engaging and real. DeBorah wants to make a difference and show people they don't have to lead lives their parents and teachers chose for them, they can create their own. Her signature "Disconnect Your Oughta-Pilot(tm)" program is designed to help you find the skills and strengths you were born with, not just the ones you've been taught.

Discover Your Truth

Are you doing what you were born to do or what you’ve been told to do? Within my Disconnect Your Oughta-Pilot(tm) Program is a critical first piece I call Discovering your Original Song or uncovering what you are naturally, joyfully and powerfully meant to do/be.

The Joys of Failure

Most of the dictionaries and 99% of society think of failure as a bad thing. I don’t happen to share their opinion. How could you possibly succeed if you don’t know how to fail? How would you recognize success, then?

Oprah Winfrey says she doesn’t believe in failure. She says, “It’s not failure if you enjoyed the process.”

Watch Your Mouth Your Subconscious Is Listening

Sometimes our own worst enemy is the one we least expect.  Within every one of us is our small voice I call a “Neener Neener” machine. Constantly talking, always chiding, never on your side. Always negative, always undermining, playing childhood tapes in an endless loop.


Living on Oughta-Pilot is letting an “ought to” or a “should” be the primary motivation for how you live your life, the choices and decisions you make and the attitudes and feelings that arise.

You’re miserable trying to be the person you (and others) think you ought to be but you lacked the courage to stand up for yourself and say what you want.

Be the person you are, happily, truly and powerfully

Do you feel your life had to be  postponed while you took care of everyone else and now that you’re ready to live your dream, you’re too tired?

Take your dreams down off the shelf, dust them off and let’s create a plan to make them happen

You’re angry and frustrated because nobody believes you are the competent, powerful person you know yourself to be?

You and I both know who and what you are: a magnificent person capable of miracles

Your children grown, you’ve been laid off, or you’ve ended a relationship and you’re feeling a little lost.

You can do and be what you choose now that you’re free of role definitions

Have you spent your life doing what you (and others) think you ought to do and had enough of always doing what’s safe, what’s expected, what’s “responsible”?

Start living YOUR life on YOUR terms.

Right here. Right now.

3P Holistic Solutions offers workshops, seminars, group coaching and individual sessions to work through these feelings and others.

Step Into Your Power

Stepping into your Power, Rekindling your Passion(s) and Opening yourself to Possibility is only possible when you can identify what your power and passion are.

Work with me to get back in touch with your Original Song, that song you and you alone were born to sing.

Living on Oughta-Pilot is letting an “ought to” or a “should” be the primary motivation for how you live your life, the choices and decisions you make and the attitudes and feelings that arise.

Disconnecting your Oughta-Pilot allows you to create a life of your own choosing, live it powerfully and embrace all the possibilities that come your way.

Rekindle Your Passion(s)

Have you stopped having fun? When opportunities show up, do you get excited or just so-so? You are a passionate individual; you were born that way. Rediscover what lights you up and brings the fun, excitement and anticipation back.

Open Yourself to Possibility

How many opportunities have you let slip through your fingers just because you were too busy juggling the day to day sh-tuff or were too worn down to notice them as they flew by?

Be open to them again as you clear out all the busytalk and inane conversations you have with yourself before going for what you know you want.

You can learn how to:

  •  Quiet that inner voice that is forecasting failure
  • Rediscover the skills and gifts you were born with so that you can find your path to happiness (whether in a career, a relationship or a business endeavor).
  • Disconnect the emotional ties to past events and free yourself to do more
  • Use failure as a springboard forward to success

 It’s YOUR Turn

If you’re frustrated and are thinking to yourself “When is it going to be my turn? I take care of everybody else; why can’t I live MY dream?”, this is the time. This is the way. This is a method that will help you. I believe it IS possible to walk your own path instead of one chosen for you that you’ve been taught you ought to follow. I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with who you are or what you’ve done so far in your life; I believe there’s just more you haven’t thought of.

You can either spend your life chasing dreams or disconnect your Oughta-Pilot™ and live them!

 Discover your strengths, let go of what you’ve always been and done and step up to living a passionate, powerful life.

 I’m not here to tell you what to do, I’m here to teach you to planifest your visions and dreams. Contact me today. I teach those who have put their dreams aside how to re-envision your lives, disconnect your Oughta-Pilots(tm) and live your purpose, on your terms, with power, passion and possibility.

Find out more about what 3P Holistic Solutions has to offer and how I can help you create the life you deserve.

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